So, like most of us looking for better results, I’ve been experimenting and developing my morning ritual for years now. Over time, built a structure that always sets me up for a great day. It includes things like:

Get up early, anywhere from 04.30 to 06.30 depending on variables

20 minutes to meditate

5-10 minutes gratitude journal

Cold shower

Water w lemon/ACV/ ketone esters, green tea.

Review primary goals

60 mins fasted training: jog, qi gong, resistance training w inspirational/educational audio

Back home, keto-friendly protein and superfood smoothie, creatine, coQ10, liposomal vits

Tony Robbins RPM – goals and day planning

Green tea or Bulletproof coffee, possibly noo-tropic mushrooms or herbs depending on requirements

Hit the ground running.

Recently I added something to the mix that supercharged the ritual.

So I’m a big fan of Jocko Willink. Been following his material for a couple years now, since I heard Extreme Ownership. It’s always excellent. Often listen to his podcast while training. Then about a month ago, I bought his new book ‘Discipline = Freedom’ (D=F).

It didn’t blow my mind. And frankly at around £15 for the first half of the audio book, entitled ‘Thoughts’, it was more expensive than my usual Audible audio books (£6.50 for whole book). But I knew it would be good. Bought it. Saved it to listen on my next day’s training session. ‘Thoughts’ runs for about 90 mins so you can probably get through the whole thing in a morning session/before work.

In that first training session, when I listened to it, I found I pushed myself harder than usual, running for longer and adding a few exercises that I’d meant to incorporate for months but ‘never seemed to have the time’.

Throughout that day, I was more focused. More accurately put, I was less distracted. That is to say, I didn’t allow myself to become as distracted as usual.

My discipline was stronger, perhaps because I was more conscious that my discipline is a choice. So I consciously remembered to choose discipline more. In fact throughout that first day, I challenged myself to see how disciplined I could be with my choices.

It was a good day.

So the next day what do you think I did? Yup. I listened to D=F again. I noticed a few new insights in the audio this time. And again, my training was better than usual. And again, my day was more disciplined.

So guess what. It’s now been a month. I’ve replaced all my weekly training audio with D=F. And it was a good move. I thought I was already disciplined. But now I see I could be so much more so. Always.

Chances are that you, like me, are always looking for those adjustments that yield the greatest results. Well for me, getting Discipline Equals Freedom was one of those.

Highly recommend the book to anyone looking for better results. Listening to it every day is optional, but at least for a few weeks, highly recommended.

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